Justin Fara founded Klasik Construction in 2019. He spent his early years as an architect in Chicago, specializing in both commercial and residential projects. Throughout his career as an architect, Justin was continuously fed up with the inability of contractors and builders to accurately build anything according to their designs. Contractors and builders often lacked reliability, consistency, quality, and the ability to maintain a schedule or budget. He wanted the project hand-off from an architect to the builder to be a seamless continuation from pencil to shovel so much that he was motivated to change it.  

Olin Eargle partnered with Justin and established Klasik Development in 2019. After years of working as a residential Real Estate Advisor in Chicago and over and over again saying to clients about a bad layout, “Well, if I was the developer….” he decided to actually make that a reality. With over a decade of experience and nearly $100 million in career sales, to say he’s seen the good, bad and everything in between in Chicago development is an understatement. His belief has always been to continuously educate himself, never being content with the status quo and with that has vowed to push himself and his team in this ever changing industry to be the best they possibly can be. 

Together, our goal at Klasik Construction and Development is to put a Klasik twist on modern lifestyle.